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Hi Sea Hawkers,
      I want to start off by thanking each and every one of you for your involvement in our chapter. We have accomplished a lot together as a chapter. I am very proud to lead a great bunch of Hawk fans you are like family to me. I can't express how much gratitude I have. Thank you for supporting me and our chapter. Without you I would not be me and for that I am thankful.

       January 2016- Our chapter hosted the playoff game here in Charlotte against the Panthers. We threw one hell of party (if I may say)​ that the Seahawks staff, news,12's and Panther fans are still talking about. With that said  the Seahawks just represented the Georgia Sea Hawkers President and I with a jersey at the Atlanta Rally​ thanking us for putting the rally together on such a short notice. We have heard comments that our Rally was still the best rally some had been too. Brenda & I worked very hard to throw that together in less than a week. We were able to throw a fun tailgate party as well. It was a success! Thank you to everyone who helped make that playoff weekend a success. Especially Brenda who put countless hours in with me! Thank you girl!

      February 2016- We raised funds to have trucks of water sent to Flint Michigan (Thomas Rawls hometown) the water was tainted with lead and still is! 4 of our guys drove to Flint to help distribute water to senior citizens & the disabled. Keep in mind they volunteered their time in frigid weather. They had snowy conditions with very low temperatures. I am very proud to say they are Carolina Sea Hawkers. Thank you Michael, Bernard, Austin & Jack!

       Spring of 2016 we had our 1st annual banquet. Over 50% of our members attended. I thought that was awesome considering it was spring break and around Easter. Mama Rawls attended and became an honorary Carolina Sea Hawker! How exciting! Thank You to our board members Dan, Laura & Brenda for your part in making the banquet a success last year.

        May 2016: We volunteered for Kam Chancellors foundation Kam Cares. We served food & did various jobs all day at Kam's Memorial weekend BBQ for underprivileged kids in the Norfolk, Virginia area. We attended the celebrity basketball game also. We had fun....lots of work though! Thank you to the members that volunteered for this last year.

        June 2016: We volunteered for Bruce Irvins Empowerment Day in Atlanta, Georgia. We encouraged young kids that there is more to life then getting in trouble, doing drugs and living on the streets it was a wonderful experience for Jack & myself. Thank You to the members who helped me serve food for this event!

        July 2016: We adopted a West Virginia Family who lost their home to floods. We collected all of the essentials that this family needed. I am so proud of all of you for stepping up to help this young family who had 2 small girls. They were in tears  when Jack & I delivered these things to them. They could not believe what we had accomplished. You guys made 2 little girls very happy with their new Frozen bedding. I have to say it put me in tears. thank you to all who donated items for this family! You guys are the best!

         August 2016: We teamed up with Jordan Hinnant for his school supply drive who is an 11 year old boy who felt sorry for other kids in his school who did not have a back pack or school supplies. We collected several back packs, and lots of school supplies. Jordan now is a Seahawks fan lol! We gained another 12! Yay!

         October 2016: We had a breast cancer awareness watch  party. it was fun to see my husband in a pink Tutu! lol Thanks to all who participated in that. I loved the turn out we had. Thank You Corren Button for your help with the Breast Cancer awareness.

         November 2016: We did a Veterans appreciation watch party. We traveled to Tampa as a group to watch our Seahawks. That was a very fun trip!

         December 2016: We collected 81 coats for the Coat drive. Thank you Laura Huddleston for delivering those for us. We also did a toy drive. We collected 51 toys for Tots. We teamed up with the TASH Sea Hawkers in Oklahoma to raise money for Cliff Avril's Haiti House. Thank You Sharon Mitchell for your help with this Haiti House!

With all that in our rearview mirror I would say you did a great job pat yourselves on the back. Thank You so much to those who donated to the causes and for those who stepped to help us with events! Great Job Everyone! 2017 is even going to be BETTER! GO HAWKS!