Dan Toth (Vice President)

Amanda McDonald (President)

My name is Amanda McDonald I was born & raised a West Virginia girl. When I met my husband Jack 20 years ago he was a Hawks fan & I was a Packer fan. When he told me he was a Seahawks fan I didn't quite understand how a southern boy became a Hawks fan. He told me he had never been to a game in Seattle so I decided to surprise him with a trip to the great Northwest. I went to Seattle a Packers fan and came back a Seahawks fan! I have to tell you after spending a week in that atmosphere you cant help but love the fans and how passionate they are about their Seahawks! I became a fan in 2005 it might only be 10 years for me but it feels like forever and I am just fine with that. I am proud to be a die hard 12th woman! I am passionate about the Hawks, the fans & our players. I never meet a stranger come up & introduce yourself. GO HAWKS!

Hey everyone my name is Dan Toth. I am originally from the U-District in Seattle and grew up about a mile from Husky Stadium. Bow Down to Washington!! I moved to the Charlotte area around 2005 and made it permanent in 2012 when my wife Melissa and I married and bought a house. I've been a SeaHawks fan since birth and really enjoy not watching Kelly Stouffer or Dan McGwire throw the ball anymore. Little known fact about me, I turned down "The Boz" when I was a 4th grader on Steak & Burger Night to swap my prime cut for his burger. Never trusted that guy

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