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Seahawk fans love our team

After the heart attack NFC Championship game against Green Bay.

Some of the kiddos of the group.  We start em young.

Sea Hawkers - (SEE hawk-erz) n. pl. The most passionate, hardcore, devoted, cheer-crazy, raisin' the roof, no life during football season havin' fans on earth!!!
 Our purpose is to have fun while supporting the Seahawks players and   organization, and help support various local charities. We are a volunteer organization run by and for Seahawks fans - fans like you! We’d like you to consider joining the Sea Hawkers chapter in your area. Annual dues are $15.00 for individuals and $25.00 for families of two or more.

 Membership Information
Annual dues are $15.00 for individuals and $25.00 for families of two or more (up to 4 total). In addition to opportunities to meet Seahawks players and coaches, and the friendships that are formed through chapter meetings and events, the benefits of Sea Hawkers membership include:

Privileges of Membership

Club meetings and get-togethers to "Talk Hawks"
Access to Sea Hawkers "tailgate zone" prior to all home games in Seattle
Blue and Green Membership card that identifies you as one of the family
Opportunity to attend the annual Sea Hawker Banquet which includes a sneak peak of the NFL Films Seahawks Annual Highlight Video, and dining
with Seahawk players and staff in Seattle
Annual All Club Picnic
Great opportunities to help with local charity events
50/50 Drawing each game and or Prizes.

who we are and what we do